Lesson 7 – Right on time events

[Warm Traffic] Right on time events [Streamed every 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hr increments

Let’s take the ability to get people on the webinar one step further. You see, it’s proven that if you can get a registrant on the webinar they are the ones who will more than likely buy your program.

Most times, getting them on the webinar can require a lot of tactics that often don’t work. A right on time webinar can stream a webinar to show in 15 minute increments to where if someone comes to the page at 2:25, a webinar can be starting at 2:30. Or if someone comes to the webinar at 11:01, a new webinar will be starting at 11:15. This strategy gets more people on the webinar which means more people take action on the webinar.

Use Cases:

This funnel works great for warm traffic especially. Moving people straight into a webinar from an already existing front end point of nurture such as:

  • Watched a video on social media
  • Followed or engaged with you on Instagram
  • Signed up for your free guide
  • Watched a previous webinar from you
  • Signed up for your mini course and entered into your funnel

Moving warm traffic through to watch a webinar right away is a great strategy for closing the deal faster!

Who is a Use-Case for this?

Here is Mia Redrick, she is a coach for moms. She used EasyWebinar to get prospects on coaching calls.

Within 2 weeks she had closed 63k dollars worth of clients.

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