Lesson 1 – What is EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is the best all-in-one webinar/event software tool online. It is the best automation & engagement platform a variety of businesses. We have fortune 500 companies, consultants, experts/authors, service businesses, schools/universities and more using EasyWebinar to run every type of event that helps to grown their business, build a higher level of engagement with their audience, while leveraging automation to save on resources and bandwidth. We have clients and customers using EasyWebinar to run Live Q & A’s, Sales Webinars, Online Summits, Online Interviews, Global Conferencing, Customer On-boarding, Team Training, and More…

We thought it was important to share just how many different scenarios can be run with EasyWebinar and the use cases for many of them. EasyWebinar can do a variety of events (Please note: Our competitor’s like GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, WebEx, Zoom can only do a handful of these types of events. No one does it all like we can.)

  • One time live event
  • Recurring weekly live events
  • Automated one time event in one timezone
  • Automated recurring webinars in your attendees local timezone
  • Right on time events [Streamed every 15 minutes]
  • Block day scenario streamed automated webinars
  • Straight to replay page scenario
  • Dynamically show next available session on registration page
  • Show multiple sessions in the registration drop down menu

So let’s break down these events a bit more…in the next series of videos.

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