Lesson 2 – Run One Time Live Events

One time live events:

If you want to run a webinar every so often to your audience at any given time whether it’s selling something, or free, or running a partner (affiliate) webinar every so often, with EasyWebinar you can use 2 different options! Yep that’s right we have 2 different live stream platform options. Most companies have only 1 and they are very limiting.

We have our new EasyWebinar Live Engine [No latency streaming]. This tool will do no latency, HD streaming of both you in front of the camera and your screen. Plus you have up to 4 people in the room all streaming in HD quality. You can move attendees into Presenters, Share Offers, PDF’s, Questions and Live Chat in real time with your community. You can have up to 1000 attendees in the room using this system…and it rocks!


You can use our YouTube Live integration. With our YouTube Live integration you can run high production or any production level webinars for more than 1000 attendees. We have some companies using our system to stream live events with multiple cameras and YouTube Live makes it easy. You can simply use YouTube Live’s built in Google Hangout interface (which isn’t going anywhere) or add a third party encoder like Wirecast to run more than one camera source to where you are truly beefing up your production! Woot!

The other thing you can do with our YouTube Live integration is put in other third party chat options (or use our built in live chat). Third party chat options like Chatwing, Chatroll, Facebook Comments and Twitter Comments. This customization often times makes EasyWebinar a very exciting option for those looking to do more with their own Branding and Social Sharing.

How would you schedule a One Time Live Webinar?

  1. Login to EasyWebinar.

  2. Create your first webinar template by simply scheduling the webinar time/date/and add a quick bit of info for the headline. (You can choose to activate the notification system and customize some of those emails too if you want) -Should take less than 3 minutes.

  3. Click ‘Go Live’ to start your live webinar either using our EasyWebinar live engine or YouTube Live.

If you choose the EasyWebinar Live Engine you can actually share the live link out while your webinar is going on and invite people on the fly to your webinar. [This is a great option and can be used as a replacement for Zoom or GTW/GTM or any conferencing platform]

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