Lesson 6 – Automated recurring webinars (local timezone)

Do you want to reach a world wide audience? Or maybe you already have one. An automated recurring webinar can be streamed every day at specific times, or during specific days in the week. For instance you can set an automated recurring webinar to run 3 times a day. 11am , 2pm , and 7pm. We have customers running this same scenario that are doing thousands a day. When running these events, instead of streaming the event in one static timezone.

By static I mean, when streaming it at 2pm PST it streams at 3pm mountain, 4pm central and 5pm EST. Instead of streaming it as a static timezone, stream it in your attendees local timezone. Which means, if you schedule an automated evergreen recurring webinar to stream at 2pm, it will stream at that time locally for everyone in the world.

So at any point a person coming to the page will see it as 2pm for them. No matter if they are in Singapore or Los Angles. These webinars capture more leads because people can watch the events when it is best for them. At the peek hours they are around. Which means, no more worrying about trying to get those on the other side of the world into your webinars because now you’ll be able to.


Lead magnets run through paid advertising to nurture future prospects

Customer on-boarding for when you have a worldwide audience.

…Just think about when it would make the most sense for your audience to consume a webinar experience.

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