Fast Track Week 2: Convert Your Ideal Clients


Fast Track Week 2​

Convert Your Ideal Clients

The first step, catch the attention of your ideal audience. Next step, convert them into clients of your elite services by showing them your value. This is where we deep dive into the value of your program and how to tie that to their value increase. By value, we mean helping you define how your program will increase and elevate your customer’s life.

We dive into the important elements of scripting and communicating the value of your program. There is a specific sales structure needed to achieve this. We not only give you the elements of this structure but the sales script as well.

Click on the tab “Materials” at the top for supporting materials.

Resources for Week 2

Tip 1: Go into the EWM program and start to consume Module 2: The Pre-Webinar Phase.  This will begin your training on:

  • Overview of the webinar timeline
  • Overview of the webinar pages
  • Registration page optimization
  • Thank you page optimization
  • The different automation you can have with EasyWebinar automation options.
  • Two of the best product sales funnels [2 types]
  • AND...Marketing your event

These are both exercises and homework that you can go through to get your webinar build outgoing! Some of the training sessions have resources directly below them that you can download such as the 2 different webinar product sales funnels, a registration page and thank you page checklist.

Submit that to so that we can check, critique and help you hone your avatar.

Tip 2: Pick up Tim Pollard's book, 'The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the art and science of exceptional presentation design'.

This book is great for clearing out some unnecessary things from your presentation.  I really love Tim's message and approach. This can help with solidifying a methodology of presentation giving.  We are also doing this when we get into week 4 as well as week 3, but if you have some time and you wanted to get a head start...pick the book up and check it out.


Tip 3: See if you can turn a conversation with a prospect into a client.  Take that sales script we gave you today and turn around and use it.

Tip 4: Decide which program resonates with you... ie, Group Coaching, DIY or DFY.

Additional Resources

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