Fast Track Week 1: The Funnel Overview and The Quick 3 C Method


Fast Track Week 1

The Funnel Overview and The Quick 3 C Method. 

In week 1, Casey breaks down the exact steps he will focus on in the course. You will also learn the 3 C’s Method for a quick win. This will help you land clients with a credit card in hand right away.

We teach the 60k foot view of your webinar funnel. This will help you get targeted with your message and who your audience is so you can convert more visitors to customers.

This is where we hone in on the following areas: 

  • Your specific niche.
  • Your super pinpointed unique sales proposition so you can corner your niche.

Within this webinar, you will receive resources to help you begin creating your first webinar.

The live streamed event is on Tuesday at 12pm Pacific.

If you cannot make the live streamed event, register for the event away so you can get the replay of this event.

Click on the tab “Materials” above for the supporting materials.

Resources for Week 1

Here are the files and resources we mention to help you out.

Tip 1:

Go into the EWM program and start to consume The Webinar Foundation Module.

This module carves out your WHY and WHO you are serving.  Knowing your audience and defining your audience are the 2 most important things.

We all think it is the webinar that's the most important thing...that is only partially true. Understanding and finding the perfect audience will allow you to charge higher prices and serve those who resonate with you while having to 'market' or 'sell' less.  Our entire approach is to avoid having to oversell.  It is to hit the right points for the right person.


"Are you a Physical Therapist who is earning high 5 figures to low 6 figures and you want to move into earning mid 6 figures and beyond in your business while working less and impacting more?"

"Are you burning yourself out through taking on too many clients who don't value the service you provide? Are you finding your time being sucked through low-level actions of marketing that don't seem to go anywhere?"

These are some exercises that can help you to solidify your audience. Inside the EWM program, Module 1, Lesson 2 there are resources to download for tapping into creating that perfect customer avatar. There is also some homework.

Please create your perfect customer avatar and submit that to so that we can check, critique, and help you hone your avatar.

Tip 2:

Go out and survey and create a conversation with your audience about their biggest problems...

Here is a template to work off of:


Plus, inside this video training, we pivot to a video where Jeremy discusses how he lands clients through conversations and moves them into his webinar...or direct to sale.


Additional Resources:

  1. Slide of today's presentation:  Click Here
  2. TribeMinded Slide Presentation [Example of Consultant Webinar] : Click Here
  3. The Consultant Webinar Flow Evernote: Click Here
  4. The 'Your Perfect Audience' exercise:  CLICK HERE

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