Fast Track Week 3: The Engagement Syphon


Fast Track Week 3​

The Engagement Syphon

Let’s get leads! We use Facebook ads primarily to do this. We are REALLY GOOD AT THIS! Honing in on the right ads that pinpoint the right messages is the goal of this week.

This is a comprehensive training on how to…

  • Set up ad spend.
  • Write your ads.
  • Target the right audience.

Manage ad spend responsibly so you aren’t throwing a bunch of money away on ad spend before you see an ROI.

Click on the tab labeled “Materials” for supporting documents.

Resources for Week 3

Session 3 Success Tips!

Tip 1: Go into the EWM program and start to consume Module 3 Webinar Day: All about going LIVE with your webinars.

This covers both live scenarios for both actual live events and automated pre-recorded events.  Some key points taught in this section is all about being authentic and engagement tips for running live webinars. These are both exercises and homework that you can go through to get your webinar build outgoing!

Submit your homework to so that we can check, critique, and help you.

Tip 2: Take massive, scary action and set a webinar up, and start that launch window.  10 days out...start to set up your Facebook ads and submit to us what you are doing and any success, or questions you have.   Send in images of your Facebook ads so that we can also critique them as well:


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