Fast Track Week 6: Deliver the Goods


Fast Track Week 6

Delivering The Goods!

You have attracted your ideal audience. Converted them into a high-paying customer. Now what?

This is the week where you learn how to deliver the goods. 

There is nothing worse than promising something you don’t live up to. There is nothing worse than getting more new clients and it breaking your business. We help you avoid all those problems and get your fulfillment and offer crystal clear.

You’ll learn how to get rid yourself of those fears and give you the confidence to move forward. The thing we all hate the most is to over promise and under deliver. 

In this week, we dive deeper into the various program formats you can fulfill for your clients. You’ll get the structure, the tips, and the how-to’s helping you confidently fulfill on your promise.

Do you want to offer a service or group coaching or do you want to sell a course? 

This is where we give you insights into what you need for each scenario. 

Learning this structure will…

  • Enable you to make a greater impact for you and your clients
  • Keep you from the burnout effect so you’re not over-extending yourself
  • Protect your creative energy so you can give more to your customers
  • Give you a scalable format for maximized profits

The goal is maximum results for your clients with an important emphasis on a scalable business model that protects you.

Click on the tab “Materials” at the top for supporting materials.

Woo hoo! This is the final session!

Week 6. At this point, you should have gone through all 6 weeks of the program.

If you didn't get to see all of the sessions expect an email from me that will show you all the archived sessions in one email!

In this training, we discuss how to craft your specific offer as well as give you the keys to the right package.

We touched a little on this in week 2 as it relates to what you are offering and the value to place on it. In this final training week, we are going to dive into looking at the fulfillment of your program.

  1. Best way to deliver your content (Through a webinar? Through a membership site?)
  2. The different tools to use when creating your offer and the common mistake people focus on in their offer.

Action item:

  1. Go through and fill in the high ticket validation worksheet.  This will solidify clarity around your offer and your positioning.  Then submit to so that we can check your work!

  2. We want to hear from you! What were your biggest takeaways from the 6 weeks? Did you go out and tackle a challenge and create a win? Even a small one? Let us know. Submit a video using your smartphone and tell us a win.  Or even faster.  Go into our private FB group and do a quick Facebook live and tag @caseyzeman in it so that we can see your results. (No win is too small!)

The software mentioned:

For Your Calendar Platform:

For your Application Platform:

For recording your calls:

For your membership site:

For your group coaching:

For your service business management:


Today's lesson slides: Click Here

The high ticket offer validation google doc: Click Here

By now you should have gone through all 6 weeks of the Fast Track program. And as such, your offer, your webinar, and your funnel should be up and running collecting leads.

You should have already begun to go out and position yourself in an entirely different way...and as such started conversations with prospects who need what you have to offer.

One thing you can continue to do is join us for the coaching sessions on Friday for the next 6 more weeks...and if you are still needing a deeper level of support submit a request to discuss our TribeMinded Core Mastermind group where we can go even deeper into coaching and implementation!

Send a request to and put in the subject line RE: TribeMinded Core Mastermind Inquiry.

Congrats on the completion of the first 6-week journey!

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