Fast Track Week 4: The Webinar Flow


Fast Track Week 4

The Webinar Flow

This is where we put everything together. A-Z blueprint for creating compelling, high converting webinars that sell. We not only use webinars in our business… we pioneered the technology behind automated webinars. We are more qualified than most people out there to talk about webinars.

To date, we have worked with over 8,000+ clients and host many of their webinars.

This is a highly curated program that takes all the data we’ve accumulated from our past clients… (some earning $20,000 a day from their webinar funnels)…

… and our own results and places it into a specific training designed to help you close a high-paying client from a webinar. Period.

During this week we will help you reach this goal by teaching 2 main ideas:

  1. Selling a high ticket coaching program into a strategy call from a webinar, or…

  2. Selling a lower ticket product straight from a webinar. We teach you pricing, follow up and flow.

In this week you will learn all the pieces that make up a webinar funnel. Here is what you will learn:

  • What it takes to convert from a Facebook ad to registrant. From registrant to attendees. And from an attendee into either a buyer or potential client that you get on the phone.

  • The exact blueprint (slide by slide) for running a high impact webinar that sells your program.

  • How to launch a course and program with webinars.

  • How to fulfill a coaching program or product to your clients using webinars after they are buyers.

Talk about being good at something. Webinars are our main bread and butter.

Click on the tab “Materials” at the top for supporting materials.

Session 4 Success Tips!

Tip 1: Go into the EWM program and start to consume Module 4 Post Webinar Process This module is all about what to do to increase your sales after you say to perform a live webinar.  Because the truth is, 75% of your sales happen on the follow-up!

You will be able to get our email scripts and follow up templates to start to implement into your own webinars. These are both exercises and homework that you can go through to get your webinar build outgoing!

Submit your homework to so that we can check your work!

Tip 2: By now, I hope that you've started to decide to schedule your first webinar. We have some in the program that already went out and ran a live webinar successfully.  If you are at this point, awesome! I would challenge you to schedule a live webinar to get that experience in your back pocket.

This week, just like last, you should continue to work on your webinar slides and flow.  Once you have a slide deck created in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Doc, etc.   Send in the Google Doc link or send the PDF of your presentation to us! (use the email above to submit the doc and put in the subject [Your name: Webinar Doc Included]

Additional Resources

  • Today's lesson slides:  Click Here
  • Our TribeMinded Webinar PDF (use as a guideline when creating your own consultant webinar):  Click Here
  • The Consultant Slide by Slide Evernote File:  Click Here
  • Our Infusionsoft Overview Consultant Funnel Template Image: Click Here

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