Will Periscope Take the Place Of Webinars?

Who would win in a Cage Match?

Dunt dunt duuuuuu….(ominous 1930’s whodunnit music)

Ok…so here is the deal.  Periscope and other live stream media platforms are getting hot…hot…hot!

That’s great news because I love me some live streaming! Heck I was teaching this stuff last year!

Remember when I did my Creative Live all about Building your audience with Live Video?

The writing was on the wall!

Build Your Audience With Live Video - Casey Zeman
But recently there has been a question circulating around all about ….

“Will Live Streaming take the place of webinars?”

What’s the answer?

Well, in this guys opinion…

It already has…

Let me explain this.  Ok, so a few years ago the word ‘Webinar’ meant a 4:3 power point presentation without the use of putting the presenter in front of the camera. (they were tucked safely behind the veil of their computer and presentation)

That was the norm…and people got use to it.

It was also BORING and never showed a clear window into who or what that person was.  (It was the …’You can have what I have while I’m sitting on my golden thrown if you take my program’). Meanwhile that presenter was probably on the other end sitting half naked (or the full Monty) at their kitchen table or in the living room. (And not in their huge ‘media office’ as they were probably claiming.)

[Transparency and Vulnerability weren’t discovered yet…but secretively being craved for!]

But then there was a change.  When Google Hangouts came out soon after Live Stream and YouStream…people started taking notice of the power of LIVE VIDEO.

Many were scared of it…because you couldn’t hide behind your presentations anymore…and the consumer could finally get a window into the business and the person they were considering working with. Since then, several live stream apps have sprung up such as Twitch, Justin.TV…and now Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab.  The new smart phone apps have jet packed Live Streaming into a new hemisphere.

But here is the thing…the word WEBINAR has evolved to mean so much more today then it did 3 years ago.

Webinars today are you in front of the camera or sharing your screen, or showing a presentation all in one.  They’re way more interactive because they combine live-streaming with teaching and presentation sharing!

This is why I make the claim that live-streaming has taken the place of webinars…but more precisely, live-streaming and webinars are one in the same now if you’re doing them right.

What about this question:

“Is Periscope taking the place of Webinars?” 

To that question I say no.  Because Periscope and other apps for your phone are perfect tools for building an audience and yes even possibly selling to that audience, but this statement still rings true….“The Money is in the List”. 

If you are only using those platforms and NOT building your email list, then you are NOT truly capturing leads.  Followers, fans, likes, shares do not equal leads if they don’t take that action leap onto your email list.

What I’ve been doing (which has absolutely exploded my email list) is this…

I’ve been using these applications like Periscope to get people INTO my webinars and free courses!  (LIST BUILDING!)

I am not directly doing webinars from the applications (unless I’m multicasting my webinar and periscoping at the same time) because I still believe that these applications have limitations as to how much you can teach.

They also don’t have the analytics around them.  That’s why we created EasyWebinar to work with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live.  Because EasyWebinar creates data and marketing essentially around this non-marketing software.

Therefore, my conclusion to this question of whether Periscope will take the place of webinars is…NO.

I believe that Periscope and other live streaming technology should be used to drive people into a webinar…but not completely take the place of it.  If you did that, then you would solely be relying on subscriber building in a free application that could erase your data at any second.  If you read the terms and agreements, they are not liable to you for that.  People get their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts shut down all the time.  Periscope and Meerkat are no different in terms of safety.

Therefore, go out…live stream till your heart is content!

Get in Periscope and Meerkat and start list building with them by sending your new community into a free course or webinar (I use EasyWebinar to create a free streaming workshop where I send all periscopers who want to learn more about webinars! www.caseyzeman.com/webinar)

…But don’t get rid of your autoresponder…don’t get rid of your webinar software…use these things in tandem!

Want to check out a Periscope I did all about this?


Kim Garst (From SocialBoom) and myself did a Periscope recently where we discussed this very topic.  Kim actually did a Periscope all about this topic…and then I reached out to her to get on an interview based SCOPE about it!

In this make shift Periscope interview Kim and I talk about this very topic!


If you want to watch the full event with all the data and who commented, you can go to http://katch.me/CaseyZeman/v/f60897da-054a-3bec-b963-9ea6032179b5

You can follow kim at @kimgarst on twitter. You can also follow me by clicking this:

Also I’d like to quickly mention…If you would like to take a look at a streaming webinar called
“How to LiveStream Like a Super Hero”, CLICK HERE. 

And please I would love to know your thoughts on this topic…

Do you think webinars are dead?
Do you think Live Streaming is a fad?
What do you think? Comment Below!

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