Welcome to the Webinar Lab Podcast Episode #1-7

upload_2015-03-23_at_1.22.21_pmWelcome to the inaugural Webinar Lab Podcast.

Throw on Your Lab Coat! The Webinar Lab Takes a Deep Dive Into Webinars For Success In Your Business!



   What do we have for you?

  7 Episodes that you can sink your teeth into as we kick off this brand new podcast off! But First…Please read the rest of this Post. (Important Contest Info Below!)   What is it? The Webinar Lab is a podcast devoted to teaching the explosive and business building power of online events and webinars. Webinars are the best way to establish a know, like and trust, build ultra credibility and authority, build a list of pinpointed prospects and make sales. The Webinar Lab was started by online entrepreneur Casey Zeman. Casey is the founder of EasyWebinar (a software that creates live and automated webinars for building your business and brand) along with several online courses all devoted to rising above the competition through the power of video, social media, blogging, presenting, and more. This podcast will go into pinpointed detail of WHY webinars are powerful, HOW TO do a webinar, How to present, how to automate your business using webinars and new tools and tricks for broadcasting your message out to the world. If you are an author, expert, product creator, service provider, offline business or commerce…webinars are the perfect tool to expand your business larger than you ever thought possible. (And doing it from the comfort of your own home). Learn more with us as we geek out about cool hacks and secrets as we examine the power of Webinars through our own failures, successes and experiments. Welcome to the Webinar Lab! If you would like to jump start your webinar experience you can head over to http://www.webinarminicourse.com to learn all about the extreme power of webinars and the one tool that can do it all!


Resource Links:

  2nd Episode Resource:  ‘The 6 Steps to a High Converting Sales Webinar.” 3rd Episode Resource:  “The 6 Money Making Features/Benefits of an Automated Webinar.” 4th Episode Resource:   “The 4 Steps to the Event Launch Blueprint Info Graphic.”  

Want a Chance to Win EasyWebinar For Free?

We have a contest going on for the next 4 days.  Each day we are going to be giving away 5 free COMMERCIAL account to those who run through these few steps!   1.  The very first thing to do is subscribe to The Webinar Lab podcast in iTunes and then rate/review us honestly with what you thought of some of the episodes! Also download all episodes at once so that if you’re ever caught in a long commute, you can listen to all of them in one fell swoop! (and be sure to listen to it inside of iTunes)   2.  Sign up to this Webinar Q and A training that is happening first Tuesday August 18th at 6pm PST. (Which also registers you for a similar event happening Friday August 21)   3.  Finally, join me in Periscope where we will be running a hearts contest to finish.  Hashtagging it #EWCONTEST.  Once you perform the top two steps, either sign up to Periscope or follow me in Periscope in order for us to run an extended hearts contest for the week.  (We will be tallying up top hearts throughout the week with every Periscope that I do.) Essentially all you need to know is…click the screen to send hearts…and the most hearts from all scopes done this week wins!   You can download Periscope in your app store on your smart phone. Once you do, look for @caseyzeman. Then follow me.   That’s it!   So enjoy these Episodes of the Webinar Lab…and I will see you at the webinar & in Periscope!   —– Follow me on Twitter also where all Periscopes will also be listed! —> https://twitter.com/CaseyZeman      

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Casey Zeman is the Co-Founder of EasyWebinar.

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