Webinar Weekly Roundup-Would You Like to Get Your Webinars Seen?

We’re on the look out! ( Please Read Entire Post for Rules)


Every week we’re going to highlight our favorite webinars from both our customers of EWP and others!  WE are fist going to start with our EWP CUSTOMERS ONLY!


We are going to showcase all types of webinars.  From short to long, presentation style to in-front of camera, and more.


Each week we will display a few of them and then you the audience will choose your favorites.


These are the different categories that we will be highlighting.



Registration Page Design and Call to Action Incentives: 



Those who go to great lengths to create webinars that we simply can not resist signing up to!



Webinar Thank You Pages: 



Cool ways to set up the thank you page to guarantee the leads interest and attendance on the webinar.  (Providing ample expectation of what will be happening on the webinar and what they can get)



And of course…The Webinar Events:



INTERACTION: How the webinar room interacts such as delayed events during the webinar set at specific time to create a certain tone for the event.  Things like workbook being delivery, Questions being asked, polls and more.



THE WEBINAR PRESENTATION:  This is where we look at the actual webinar or presentation itself.  We check out the slides, the story, the length, and the call to actions.  (Of course this also has something to do with the interaction)






Today we simply wanted to put the feelers out for those interested in being selected as the highlighted webinars.


If you feel like you might be kicking butt in the above areas and are interested in having us share your webinars with our community then submit your webinars here.



Here’s what being selected does for your business . . .


–It exposes my list to your business

–It can get you opt-ins to your webinars

–It gets you a link from The EasyWebinarPlugin Blog (so you’ll
get some SEO juice)

–If I really like your page, I’ll interview you about it


Most Importantly it starts a dialogue about your webinar and we point out ways to make it better!


Again, if you do want me to consider sending your Webinar Registrations and Replays to my entire list, then please submit it here.


(EWP CUSTOMERS) I’ll mail your webinar registration page to my list <—


If you have any questions about this, please leave them below in the comment section!


In order to be considered for this, you must submit your webinar page here.


Regards, Casey




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