Skyrocket Conversions by Giving Your Viewers ONE TIME To Watch an Automated Webinar

When was the last time you went to the grocery store?

Or, even better, when was the last time your significant other asked you to pick something up like laundry detergent?

You think, ok, no big deal…

That is, until you get to the store and look at the shelf.

Holy moly!


There’s detergent with softener, no softener. There’s for cold water, for hot water, for colors, for darks. There’s pods, powders and liquids. Theres also a bunch of different brands for each.

Information. Overload.

So what do you do? Let your significant other pick up the detergent next time…

You see, you could be doing the same thing to your customer. Giving too many options sometimes causes no option to be chosen!

Oh, and this isn’t just hearsay, it’s backed up by science too!

Social psychologies Sheena Lyengar and Mark Lepper compared sales when two different scenarios were made available to shoppers:


Kiosk A: Offered 24 flavors of jam for sale

Kiosk B: Offered 6 flavors of jam for sale

Some people would think that since Kiosk A offered more jams for sale, they naturally would make more sales! A jam for everyone, right?

Well, wrong!

Turns out that shoppers are 10x more likely to buy a Jam from Kiosk B that offers just 6 flavours vs. Kiosk A that offered 24 flavours.


So what does this mean to you and your webinars?

Well, when you’re running an automated, recurring webinar, you typically give your attendee a dropdown choice of

  • Watch Yesterday’s Replay
  • Today’s date in 1 hour
  • Today’s date  in 2 hour
  • Tomorrow’s date at a certain time
  • etc

Options! Options! Options!

While it’s not as bad as buying laundry detergent, offering too many choices may just lead to no choice at all.


Think about it, you’re forcing your poor visitor to do more thinking than then need to…What am I doing in one hour? What am I doing in two hours? Am I available tomorrow? Do I have time to watch it right now?

Now with EasyWebinar, you can set your automated webinars to be streamed out as many times as you like, and only show ONE option to a visitor.

For example, say you want your webinar streamed out 5 times a day, every hour from 1PM to 5PM.

If your visitor happens to land on your page at 3:30PM, you can set EasyWebinar to show the next event happening at 4PM!

One clear choice!

While everyone’s results might vary, this new option is great to test out and has the potential to skyrocket your conversions!

Want to see the feature in action? See the video below:

What do you think of this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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Casey Zeman is the Co-Founder of EasyWebinar.

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