SendGrid Integration and Email Notifications Explained

I wanted to break down the notification and lead funnel using EasyWebinar.

We get questions like…

‘Can I use my own autoresponder to send notifications out to the registrants?’
‘Do I need an Autoresponder to use your system?’
‘Do you have a suggestion as to the best solution for email deliver-ability and leads?’

Well, I wanted to finally tackle these questions to see if I could create a bit of clarity for you!

I made this video to clear up any confusion as to the different options you have with your email and leads.  We have also integrated with SENDGRID to GUARANTEE the emails are delivered without a problem…More is explained in the video!

As you can see SENDGRID integration is easy to use and can guarantee that the emails of our notifications from EasyWebinar are sent out without a problem.

When creating your SENDGRID ACCOUNT.  We suggest the basic level of 40k emails a month.  We are assuming you wont go beyond that probably.  That account costs only 9 dollars a month.

Please Note:  If SENDGRID asks you to detail more to confirm your account this is what they will potentially ask, and this is what you can potentially say:

We have reviewed your account but noticed some inconsistencies in your submission.We’d like to know a little more about the email you’ll be sending through SendGrid. Please elaborate on the following:

1. The nature of your business, the services you provide, and your potential customer base.
Just provide them a quick one sentence explanation of your business.

2. Your sending frequency and volume
Probably far less than 40k a month because these are emails going out to those who register for a webinar/event.

3. How you collect your recipient addresses
Through EasyWebinar webinar platform.  The attendees will sign up to a webinar/event and then the emails are sent out as notifications as reminders.

4. How you will allow your recipients to opt out of your emails (whether you plan to use SendGrid’s one-click unsubscribe feature, or if you have your own method)
EasyWebinar has an opt-out feature available to those users who want to discontinue receiving the notifications.

5. The types of messages you will be sending (transactional or marketing)
These are simple notification emails to remind those who sign up of their webinar times and dates.

Please reply at your earliest convenience in order to continue the provisioning process. Thanks for your cooperation!




Ok! That’s it.  If you should have any questions please reply below and
to get your own SENDGRID ACCOUNT come through here!



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