Common Questions EasyWebinar Gets From The Automated Events

Today I made a video answering some important questions that we JUST GOT.
You see, each day we get questions coming from our automated events and we generally respond to them in real time.  For this particular potential customer, I thought her questions were so important that I decided to make a video in response to them!




Q: Do you integrate with Aweber?  

A: Yes, with any autoresponder you can either do double opt in or single opt in.  When someone registers to the event they can automatically be added to your autoresponder list.


Q: Can the events stream from my own Website?  

A: Yes, EasyWebinar can plugin right into your own WordPress site.  The pages are then streamed from your own site.  Yet the pages are built inside your own EasyWebinar account.


Q: Can I take EasyWebinar and put it on other sites? For instance do I have to have a WORDPRESS SITE? 

A: Yes, we have a webinar iFrame registration box that can be placed on any site. However you would have to get to HOST the software.


Q: Can I have one chatbox that can be placed on any of the events running?

A: Yes, you can take say a chatwing chat thread and have it show on any webinar/event live page.  This same thread will always have the questions from any other page it is found on.


Q: Can you auto-redirect someone to say a sales page at the end of the event that is either live or automated?

A: Yes, you can auto-redirect someone at the end of the event.  It doesn’t matter if that event is live or automated.  As soon as someone ends say a live broadcast, it will redirect.  Or if you put an automated event video in our system and tell us how long the video is, at the end of the video it will automatically redirect!


Q: Is there a limit to how many attendees can come to an event?

A: No, when you purchase EasyWebinar you can have an unlimited number of people coming to the event.  However, with the software you can actually set a limit inside the software.  So if you only want 100 people to be able to register or attend, you can set that.


Q: Is there additional/future training on how you use EasyWebinar for launching my product or service?

A: Yes, I have a coaching program that runs for 4 weeks that is all about maximizing your sales through the power of the Event Launch Blueprint.  (This system has proven to work extremely well for both me and some of my clients for launching their businesses and profiting from them! The next session of LaunchStream happens October 1st 2014.
You can get on the earlybird list (for a chance to get into the course)

Click Here to Get On The List.


Q:Is EasyWebinar a WordPress Plugin?

A: Yes it is.  It needs to be installed on a site.  We suggest that you put EasyWebinar on a clean WordPress site that doesn’t have out dated or caching plugins that may conflict with the software!


Q:Does your software integrate with amazon s3 videos?

A: Yes it does.  You can upload your event videos into our system directly and it will stream in real time, however you can also stream out YouTube videos that will also stream out in real time and will discourage people clicking back through to YouTube.


Q:How do you do the live events?

A: We use the power of Google Hangouts and YouTube Live to do the live stream events. You can learn more about those integration by clicking here.


If you should have any other questions please feel free to add them below and we will try to make a video for you.  Or why don’t you leave me a voice message! Click Here.

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