How to preview your EWP ‘Webinar Event Page’ and ‘Thank You Page’

In this video you can learn how to preview your Easy Webinar Plugin ‘Webinar Event Page’ and ‘Thank you Page’.


There have been questions about this process.


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Number 1: 


You must be logged into your wordpress site admin to preview the ‘Webinar Event Page’.  Otherwise you can go into your ‘Replay Page’ to see what your webinar will look like.


Number 2: 


In order to go through the ‘Thank You Page’s’ true flow, you will have to register for the Webinar first.  That will be the only way you can go through and see the countdown timer and the proper scheduling of your Webinars. Otherwise the preview will simply just preview what the page looks like!



My suggestion for testing is, go through with a different email to test to make sure that all of your settings were done properly and that your emails are coming through!



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We will do all of your server settings for you when you come through.  So if things look a bit techie not to worry we will handle the job ourselves.


All you have to do is send us your sever details through a ticket and we will ‘hook you up’ so that if you use our notification system, it will work spot on.  ALSO… if you want to upload big video files through our EWP dashboard to take advantage of the streamed video feature, we will do that server tweak as well!


So don’t let the tech part get in the way of using one of the best Lead Funneling Systems around!


So Please click the link below and come through today!


Also if you have a second please take the time to leave a comment below if you should have any questions on previewing your links???


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