Not enough people seeing your presentations?

Are you someone using webinars currently but not enough people are actually showing up to your webinar? They’re registering, but then only about 30% tend to show up to the webinar. Boo…

What can you do to rail against this evil and quite frankly, distressing stat?

True sales happens when you get more eyeballs to your webinars.  And often times running a live webinar may not have the juice to get more people there.  Because typically it is days into the future.  But what if you could stream your webinars to show in front of your audience at the perfectly right time?

Now you can using our ‘Right on Time’ feature.

EasyWebinar Right on Time Feature


With this feature, if someone comes to the registration page of your event at 1:22 pm you can have a webinar served at 1:30pm.

That webinar would of course be an automated webinar that is pre-recorded and streams in real time with look and feel of live without you having to be there.  You see, depending on when someone comes to the page, the software will recognize their time and timezone and show them the next available webinar in increments of 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour.

So that to them it feels like they are getting to a webinar right on time.  This feature gets more people to show up to your webinar which in turn can produce more sales.

What other features do we have that get more people on a pre-recorded/automated webinar?

The ‘Instant Replay’ feature.  This is also called ‘Yesterday’s Replay’.  This feature allows your audience to sign up to a replay webinar directly from the registration page.  That replay can be set to expire on a specific date or set to expire on an evergreen schedule dynamically based on when someone arrives to the webinar.  You can set the replay page to expire and redirect to any other site you like after let’s say 3 days from the time of the webinar.

EasyWebinar Instant Replay

Let’s hit on Expiring ‘Timed Replay’ Pages!

Our funnels will expire replay pages both on evergreen funnels and specific date based webinars. This feature can be used straight from the registration page or created in an email sequence for everyone after the webinar is over.  This feature also allows you to discontinue using any third party countdown timers along with EasyWebinar.  Because of course we now have it all built in! This feature alone will help you to make 4 times what you typically can make in your webinar promotions due to the scarcity of the timer itself.  Whether the offer is live or automated! This is huge!

EasyWebinar Expiring Replay Pages

Conclusion:  Using ‘Right on Time’ and ‘Instant Replay’ features will push people directly to your webinars right away.  You don’t have to worry any longer that people aren’t watching your presentation! These features will help to send your busy prospects directly into the webinar.

And when you use the ‘Timed Replay’ pages, your offers and webinars will carry more weight due to the fact that they can expire at based on your webinar promotion.  This means 4 times (Traditionally) in sales.

Want to see some of these features in action? Watch the video below.


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