Elite Webinar Mastery: Pre-Webinar


Welcome to the Pre-Webinar Phase.  In this phase you will learn about the webinar timeline and begin to create a kick butt webinar to sell your products.

Access the plug and play webinar template through the Materials tab above.


Your ‘Traffic Mastery Bonuses’ and ‘Webinar Past Audits’ are found in the ‘Bonus Section’ of this program.

Bonus:  As promised here is your plug and play webinar template. (Inside you can swap out what is in there now with your own content as it relates to your offer.)

We have provided you with 2 different options to download.  One in PPT, and one in Keynote.

Click here to get the PPT version.

Click here to get the Keynote.

Here is a PDF version of the template:

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