How to Use Your Own Autoresponder To Send Your Attendees Their Custom URL’s and Notifications

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Instead of using our built in notification some of you might want use your own autoresponder to use, especially for your one time live/automated events. We have added a hidden field feature in our registration system that will allow you to pass through your attendees unique URL link in each of your emails. This allows for you to use your own autoresponder when doing your one time events! (THIS IS HUGE!)

Video 6: A Brief Overview of The Email Integration


Video 7: Creating Your Aweber Follow Up Sequence

Video 8: Setting Up Your Broadcast Emails

Video 9: Creating Your ‘URL’ Custom Field For Your Aweber Form

Video 10: Recap of Integrating Your Autoresponder to EWP (For Live G Hangout Webinars or Admin Scheduled Pre-Recorded Broadcasts)

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