How to Integrate LeadPages with EasyWebinar

That’s right you can create cool registration pages with Leadpages and use EasyWebinar for your back end events.

We announced earlier this year that we integrated with Optimize Press 2 as a registration option for your automated events.


Now though we just recently had a client ask us if we could create an event with Leadpages?


The Answer is Yes.

In fact we created this video to show you just how we created one of our previous Live Event using Leadpages as the front end registration!
 (Please note: you can also use OP2 for your live events with us as well)


If you have Leadpages and have been wanting to use EasyWebinar with it (or vice-versa), check this video out below!


Do you have Leadpages yet?  If not pick up your copy today! Leadpages creates super fast/awesome web pages for your online business and lead generation!


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