How to Add a #HashTag Twitter Chat Box To Your EW Event Page For More Social Traffic

So we’ve been testing out new and different ways to build a following using webinars
and found one cool way to combine an awesome social reach to bring in additional traffic.

This solution worked like gangbusters!

What was it?

We used a Twitter#hashtag chat during a webinar (for the live chat)!

What did this do?

From our tests, we noticed that the Twitter chat created a viral traffic back into the webinar registration page which brought in an additional 15% of viral Twitter traffic.  With EasyWebinar, we were already using the cool ‘social sharing’ feature that would offer a free gift as an incentive to share from the thank you page. (Which on it’s own brought in 10-15% viral traffic already).

Well when we rocked this solution…we combined social exposure and community building at the same time.

In this video you’ll learn how to add your own Twitter #hashtag chat box to an EasyWebinar Event Page.


Many people ask us:

 Is using something like a Twitter chat better than using the pivate chatbox like EasyWebinar’s built in chat?

My answer is…it depends.  There are definitely circumstances when it is a better idea to use the Twitter chat vs. the Private chat…and vice versa.

For instance, for a free event, using a Twitter chat can help with building up your social presence on Twitter…or bringing in webinar signups from your Twitter following.

On the other side of the spectrum…using a private chat would be better for say paid customers who join you for a webinar training that you don’t want everyone to access.

So let me ask you.  What would you use?

Do you do or plan on doing customer only training session webinars? Or are you doing/or plan on doing free webinars to sell your products and services from?

Let us know below!

About The Author


Casey Zeman is the Co-Founder of EasyWebinar.

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