FAQ: What’s The Difference Between Your Automated Webinars and Replay Videos?

Mark Asks:

“I like this but am a little confused. Why can’t someone just record a webinar video on their computer then just post it as a replay and charge a fee for it? What am I missing here?”


Great question Mark.


Think of the software like an entire webinar platform and funnel. It creates pages automatically, such as the Registration page, Thank You page, Webinar Event page, and Webinar Replay page. Not to mention the built in notification system that can go out to the attendees before the webinar starts and after.


There are 2 options for scheduling your streamed webinars.
1. In your own timezone

2. In your attendees local timezone


The Attendee Time Zone stream is quite handy for capturing a larger audience base and our email notification system will make sure that webinar notifications go out SPECIFIC to the time that the attendee registers.

Our system can also stream the webinars at multiple times during the day and on a continuous schedule. You have that option, or you can, as the admin, choose to have your webinar play on a specific date or even specific days during the week. Really there are unlimited scheduling options.


Also there is live interaction that can go on during the pre-recorded webinar event. Every single day I get questions coming through from people who are watching my webinars which I can answer in real time without having to be at the webinar.


So basically the truest difference between a replay video and the automated webinar aspect of the software is that an event holds a higher perceived value then simply a replay video onto itself. They assume that if it is a video, they can watch it anytime. However a webinar denotes a specific training at a specific time and more engagement such as direct questions answered, etc.

Also remember, our system does do the live in-real-time streaming so that you can not only have the option for the prerecorded webinar event, but also the live event as well.


Thanks Mark, hope this helps!
Please keep your questions coming, and remember that we’re including tickets to our EWS Webinar Weekend ( Full On Massive Webinar Training) for those who purchase the unlimited license of EWP for a limited time.

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