How EasyWebinar Uses G Hangouts On Air and YouTube [G+ Update Wont Effect Us] + Sneak Peek at New EW 5

Hey hey hey there. At the time of writing this post there is an update happening with Google Hangouts. This update first and foremost DOES NOT effect EasyWebinar at all. Why?

I will explain.

Google Hangouts YouTube Live

Starting September 12, 2016 Google Hangouts On Air will no longer be accessible from GOOGLE+, however Google Hangouts will still be accessible through YouTube Live. Guess what. EasyWebinar has ALWAYS integrated through Google Hangout using YouTube Live for the live stream functionality. In fact with EasyWebinar, you can use YouTube Live without the need of Google Hangouts on Air as well if you had something like Wirecast. Google Hangouts on Air is simply the easiest way to run a live stream through YouTube fast and easy.

So has anything changed? Nope nothing.

In fact we always knew the weird integration of Google+ and Google Hangouts on Air was discontinuing. We knew it last year when YouTube announced their push for live video which was starting with a deeper integration with Google Hangouts from the back end of YouTube more so then from the Google+ application which is frankly losing steam anyway. At the moment this is the easiest way to start a Live Event with EasyWebinar using YouTube Live/Google Hangouts. Watch this video above to learn more! Plus get a sneak peek at the new EasyWebinar 5 that is set to roll out very soon. Have questions? Leave us a message below!

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