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Today, we have decided to sum up the most common questions we hear from our customers as it relates to how EasyWebinar compares to our competitors and insights into it’s awesomeness.

Are you ready coach, consultant, product creator, service business or anyone looking to use webinars to build a know, like and trust? ūüôā Yeah? Ok great…let’s begin.


Why should I choose Easy Webinar over EverWebinar and WebinarJam?

EverWebinar is for automated webinars.  WebinarJam is for live webinars.  

EasyWebinar is the best ALL-IN-ONE live and evergreen/automated webinar platform around.  

If there is software that competes with us pound for pound with our automation/evergreen functionality, it is Everwebinar.  There are many similar features when running several different automation webinar scenarios.

  • From right on time webinars
  • Evergreen one time events
  • Streaming multiple times from the registration page.¬† ¬†

The differences are seen starting with EasyWebinar being able to stream a webinar to a replay page directly. EasyWebinar can also dynamically drop times from the registration page and only stream as many times as you would like to show based on when someone shows up to the page.

You can see more about the different types of webinars we can do including the variety of automated webinar scenarios. http://easywebinar.com/easywebinars-9-different-webinar-scheduling-options-use/

The¬†most¬†popular¬†complaint I hear in our forums¬†regarding the differences between us¬†and EVERWEBINAR is the TRACKING…and the CRM integrations.

EasyWebinar tracks everything…Plus our dashboard can help you to check specific action steps during the webinar to get an idea of where you need to improve your message. ¬†Whether it is from the registration page conversion or the beginning of the webinar, we can track action taken along your funnel.¬†

Our integrations with the top CRM platforms are more robust.  Several past EverWebinar customers have told us that they made the switch because of the ConvertKit integration and the simplicity by which we allow tags to be moved to CRM/Email Systems.  Our automation basically has been simplified and you don’t have to be a funnel expert to use it’s power.  

So now that¬†we have compared EasyWebinar to one¬†product (EverWebinar) of a company that offers 2 different solutions and charges separately for them…let‚Äôs pivot to WebinarJam.

EasyWebinar has gone all in with live stream.  We have our brand new live engine which is a no latency, high definition streaming that can be closely compared to Zoom.

However, we also offer the ability to stream into EasyWebinar using a YouTube Live integration. Many people use this and love it due to the ability to stream to an unlimited number of attendees and potentially stream out events with more production to it such as multiple cameras, etc.  We integrate with Wirecast and other third-party encoders so you can use EasyWebinar as the event portal for large events where you might be streaming entire 1000 person conferences LIVE.  

Beyond that, our live engine is also perfect for the person who is just starting out and looking to quickly click the ‚ÄėGo Live‚Äô button. ¬†They want something that works that is simple and can help them to make sales or get their message out to their audience. ¬†That is¬†the power of EasyWebinar. ¬†

The differences between us and WebinarJam is as follows.  

Historically WebinarJam was a Google Hangout plugin.  They went through some serious troubles when that happened.  From our side we were never a Google Hangout plugin, so we were never held to the same YouTube limitations that they were.  

At this point, WebinarJam’s live stream platform is what is known as a hybrid WEBRTC.  

But based on testing we have noticed that it has a long delay.  There is quite a bit of latency during broadcasting.  Some have said 30 seconds to 1 minute of a delay in latency.  Meaning that it doesn’t stream in real time.  Our’s streams in real time similar to Zoom or GTW.  But maybe even faster.  With our platform, a person can ask a question and before that question is over, an attendee can answer!

We can move an attendee to a presenter quickly to allow people to ask their questions live.  We also have a few goodies on the horizon that NO live stream platform has implemented yet and we feel will revolutionize teaching and learning.  

Finally, the most favorite implementation that EasyWebinar offers is to merge LIVE webinars to AUTOMATED webinars and vice versa.  You can go from live to automated with a push a button.  

The new WebinarJam also do not integrate their pages with Leadpages and ClickFunnels.

Here’s an example:
Let‚Äôs say you had a live webinar scheduled but ate a bad pizza, if you got sick at the last minute but had 500 attendees registered for your webinar, you could toggle a live webinar to an automated, upload a video, set your offers, put in your redirect links…and boom….no need to cancel that webinar! Those 500 would join without skipping a beat, and heck would probably buy just as much!

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Why should I choose Easy Webinar over Demio?

I like the guys at Demio a lot.  They care about solving problems for their users.  That is what it is all about.  What makes us different?

  • Demio doesn’t offer evergreen webinars¬†
  • They have¬† ‚Äėlike live‚Äô but it doesn‚Äôt have the evergreen options that have helped serve our customers for years.
  • They don’t have all the different scenarios of webinars that our tool has.¬†¬†

We not only went all in with simplicity while not skimping on functionality.  EasyWebinar blows them out of the water with not only dynamic and clarified feature sets but also that our LIVE and AUTOMATED features are so perfectly entwined.  


Why should I choose Easy Webinar over WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is similar to Demio in the regard that their Automated/Evergreen doesn‚Äôt exactly mean evergreen. They don‚Äôt stream events in their own attendee’s¬†time automatically without asking them for their timezone. They also don‚Äôt have dynamic time dropping like ours does as it relates to Evergreen. ¬†

Also as it relates to live webinars, I’ve never used them personally but have heard mixed reviews. They do have a new platform out so time will tell if it has improved at all.  

The big difference between our platform EasyWebinar and theirs is the multitude of CRM and Email integration we offer that their plarform simply does not. Not only do we have many more API integrations, but they go much deeper performing many more actions than simply adding a contact record to a CRM. 

We also offer our amazing YouTube connection making WebinarNinja unable to scale up for large conference style events only using their live stream option.

Why should I choose EasyWebinar over Stealth Seminar?

EasyWebinar has many more API integrations with your favorite autoresponders and CRMs.  Such as ConvertKit, Active Campaign, GetDrip and more.  You can customize your pages with EasyWebinar as well as use your own landing page tools. Stealth Seminar doesn’t quite give you that ability.


Our registration widget script can be used with any landing page tool that offers HTML blocks. This means you can use EasyWebinar anywhere… period.

EasyWebinar has more evergreen options but at the same time is a full-blown live webinar platform as well. A key feature that EasyWebinar has that no other webinar tool, including Stealth Seminar, has is timed replay pages that can be both date based and evergreen based.  They do not offer our star feature of starting a live webinar and turn that into an automated webinar with one toggle.

From what I can see, Stealth hasn’t done any changes to their system in the last 5 years.


Why should I choose Easy Webinar over GoToWebinar?

Let’s start off with the understanding that GoToWebinar is only a live webinar option. If you want to do evergreen webinars you would need to look elsewhere.

GTW does not have any tracking that can integrate with advanced CRM platforms like GetDrip, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign beyond getting people registered for a webinar.  With EasyWebinar, we integrate into your marketing.  Not just from the front end, but from the back end.  Meaning, based on actions performed during a webinar, EasyWebinar can send triggers and tags which can send off specific campaigns. GTW doesn’t offer that feature. They do not have the ability to track clicks or purchase actions like we do.  

Most webinar platforms state that they offer automated webinars or instant replays but they don’t have the ability to do those in an evergreen setting to where the event streams in the attendees local time and in real time.  EasyWebinar does all of that. 

We have a built-in offer builder that can be tied into your favorite CRM platform. GTW has real-time chat like we do, but we’ve spiced up ours a bit with emoji integration for more excitement and engagement during the webinar.

GoToWebinar caps the number of attendees you can broadcast to. EasyWebinar does not. You can present to unlimited attendees using our streaming integrations and never have an issue with the stream quality.  

The biggest difference is the automated/evergreen integration.  Most platforms aren’t all in one like we are.  That goes for GTW.  

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Why should I choose Easy Webinar over Zoom?

Zoom is great for video conferencing.  However, not that awesome for webinars.  With Zoom, just like GTW, you don’t have the tagging, tracking or integrations into the huge number of CRM platforms that we have.  

We are seeing many of our customers starting to use EasyWebinar as a replacement to Zoom for conferences because we have instant sharable links that can turn any attendee into a presenter.  

The ability to measure actions taken by attendees during a webinar is key…not to mention specific follow up sequences followed up based on those actions. ¬†Zoom can‚Äôt do that. ¬†They have a great no latency¬†real-time stream. EasyWebinar offers this as well. No delay presenting means when you ask a question to the audience they hear it in real time giving them the ability to answer without the awkward delay. This may sound like an obvious feature, but the truth is that most webinar platforms do not offer this.¬†

One cool thing that Zoom can do is get a lot of presenters into the room.  We at the moment can have up to 4 presenters in the live room streaming at the same time with ZERO delay issues using our New Live Engine.  With our YouTube integration,  you can have up to 10 people in a live room.  

The biggest difference when considering Zoom as your webinar options is that Zoom doesn‚Äôt have the evergreen/automation integrations we offer.¬†EasyWebinar is 2 platforms in one…and no other tool is so completely integrated in the same way. ¬†Where the live webinars and automated webinars work together in a strategy.


Why not just build a webinar in Clickfunnels?

EasyWebinar focuses just on webinars.  We’ve perfected webinars.  Clickfunnels is good at building out landing pages, and webinar registration pages and thank you pages, but the functionality of live and automated/evergreen webinars should be left with a tool that can do those things effectively.  ClickFunnels is great for page building which is why we integrate with them so you can use a ClickFunnels registration page and our registration widget together.

You can see the widget in action using ClickFunnels here.

7 Top Features of EasyWebinar Including The All New Webinar Registration Widget


How do we know EasyWebinar will be around forever if I’m going to build a business on top of it

EasyWebinar has been on the market since 2013.  And throughout the years, it has continued to adapt, improve and facilitate customers for years.  We often get messages from people who say EasyWebinar accounts for 90% of my income.  We understand this and don’t take it lightly. The responsibility that we have drives us to continue to serve our customers in the best way possible.  Providing them more freedom and more money in their business.  

Check out what Ryan Lee said about Trusting a company and EasyWebinar.  https://vimeo.com/album/4237529


Why can’t I just link people to a YouTube or Vimeo page for a webinar?

The one thing you are missing is tracking.  That actually is the tip of the iceberg.  If you think about YouTube or Vimeo when you go to that page to watch a piece of content.  There are so many other videos and links on those pages, a person who you are hoping will stay paying attention to your content can get distracted quickly.  Their minds can wander.  This is another big reason to not send people to Vimeo or YouTube.  

Another issue is that those platforms are not designed for webinars.  They are offering video content.  The medium of webinars beckons a higher perceived value than just going to a Vimeo video alone.


How do I download my webinar after my live broadcast?

EasyWebinar’s YouTube live integration allows all of your videos to save automatically in YouTube.  You can then add those YouTube links in for automated webinars or download directly from YouTube.  

Using our new live engine, we have a recordings area where you have the ability to download the videos or use them in your automated webinars.  


Easy Webinar Has Many Great Features. Let’s Look At A Few

Does Easy Webinar have built-in chat functionality?

Yes, You can use it for either our YouTube live integration or our Live Engine.  
We also go beyond that and give you the ability to just have a question box on the live page or use your own third-party chat such as chatwing or chatroll.  Not to mention that you can add in Facebook comments or Twitter chat as well.


Can I see the chat while I’m presenting?

Yes, 100%. We have a webinar dashboard where you can experience everything but with subtle tweaks from what the audience sees. Your admin view gives way more capabilities such as pushing live offers, chatting, turning attendees into presenters, etc.  


Can I do ‚ÄúJust in time‚ÄĚ webinars?

Yes, we call them ‚ÄėRight on time‚Äô webinars.¬† You can have a webinar start in the next 15, 30, 1hr interval based on when someone comes to the page. ¬†You have all three options!


When doing automated webinars can¬†we ‚Äúpause‚ÄĚ the video, ruining the ‚Äúlike live‚ÄĚ effect of the presentation?

No, not from the automated webinar.  From the replay page, yes.  But the automated webinar, even if you have a YouTube video link in there, they can’t click back or pause when watching on a desktop.  


Can I use my own LeadPages, Clickfunnels, or OptimizePress page for the registration page?

Yes, 100%. We have a registration widget that you can add anywhere. They can be automated webinars or live webinars. And the widget looks great!

You can learn more about how that works here.



Can I create my own thank you page for after they register? Or do I have to use the built-in one from EasyWebinar?

We give you the best of both worlds. You can choose either one. ¬†With our registration widget, you can select to place your own thank you page link in there. ¬†When using our built-in registration page we do suggest using our thank you page because of the continuity and the fact that our thank you pages have all of the things you want in your webinar.¬† Our thank you page experience offers participants to save the date. We’ve added a social share feature that often returns an additional 10-15% boost in viral traffic to the webinar. ¬†Our customers who use our own portal find that the experience is what allows them to actually earn big money on their webinars and evergreen webinar funnels. ¬†


Can I place Facebook pixel, Google analytics, VWO, etc. tracking codes on all of the pages in the webinar process

Yes.  We have an SEO section where you can add any third party pixel on any of our pages.  Even tools like GetMoreProof not to mention, Facebook pixels, Google Analytics and more. 


Why is this a monthly or annual fee and not a one-time fee?

We host everything and as such, we have attendee limits for our live stream hosting.  To host large-scale webinars, the pages, the email reminders and everything requires bandwidth. That is why we have a recurring cost to the platform.


Can I easily convert the live webinar I just did into an automated webinar or do I need to re-record it to automate.

Yes, with our system you can toggle any webinar from live to automated. YouTube Live or our live engine can be used for automated webinars. ¬†Our live engine has a “sessions” section we are¬†updating within days of this blog being published. This will allow you to download the video that was recorded¬†live and push it into an automated webinar.


Can I send the reminder emails from my own email sender or do I have to use EasyWebinar’s emails?

With EasyWebinar, we have a full built-in email system.¬† Our emails cover everything needed for before and after the event. And in fact, because our system streams as automated evergreen webinars in multiple time zones, we suggest using our ‚Äėbefore event‚Äô notifications in all scenarios, especially if you are running evergreen webinars. ¬†We wanted to make EasyWebinar a solution that wouldn‚Äôt require any outside tool to not only collect more leads but make serious sales, and we‚Äôve accomplished that with everything built into our system.

Now that said, EasyWebinar has amazing email integrations with all of the major email providers out there.  To where you can get everyone who registers to your webinar not only into your email provider but also creates triggers and tags based on actions performed during the webinar which can, in turn, allow you to send out segmented emails based on those actions.

Because of this we have a lot of people who will use EasyWebinar for the emails to go out before the webinar and then use their own email provider for the ‚ÄėPost Event‚Äô emails to where they also send out segmented follow-ups to, as an example, those who ‚Äėregistered and showed‚Äô vs those who ‚Äėregistered but didn‚Äôt attend‚Äô. ¬†

EasyWebinar gives you the best of both worlds. 


Once I have my presentation recorded, how long will it take me to get my automated webinar online?

With automated webinars as soon as you get your presentation recorded and either uploaded to EasyWebinar or start a live webinar and then turn it automated, the process is only about 2-5 minutes.

You add in the video link, set the length of time for the video, set your offer buttons to show up at the times you want, your PDF downloads and/or questions…and boom, you are good to go.


If I wanted to do a last minute live webinar, how much time will it take me from deciding to go live and actually going live?

15 seconds.  Let’s say this is your first time using EasyWebinar.  You simply go in and schedule the event. Save and Publish and that’s it.  No need to build out your registration page or thank you page or event offers or customize the email notifications or add cool tracking pixels or anything else.  If you simply want to go live, it takes 15 seconds. You can invite people to your event using our instant invite link.  It quickly brings them in as attendees and if you choose you can make them presenters as well to assist you with your webinar. 


Can I stream my live webinar/video to Facebook, YouTube, or other places that people can watch?

We have a YouTube live integration which actually will bring in YouTube into our system which is actually super cool because with the popularity of live stream, people have been wanting to use higher quality streaming equipment along with the power of analytics, audience segmentation and automated webinar repurposing which our tool provides automatically.

You see, with EasyWebinar you can run higher quality live stream events run on the back of YouTube Live straight into our platform.  Events like conferences or classes with multiple cameras, etc.  You can even use live stream cameras and 4k cameras.

Our system allows you to use YouTube live as the stream into EasyWebinar while still taking advantage of our in real-time chat, product offers, and essentially every awesome feature of EasyWebinar.

Soon in the near future, we are going to be giving you the ability to push your broadcasts to Facebook Live!


How many presenters can I have on with me at one time (where I can show their faces and share screens)?

With our new live engine, you can have up to 4 people showing their faces and screen shares.  With our YouTube live integration, you can have more than that.


What’s the quality of the live streaming webinar/videos (Any delays? Video quality?)

With our new live engine, it is ZERO delay or latency.  With YouTube live there is an approximate 5-10 second delay.


What makes Easy Webinar the best way to stream live video to social media networks or other places?

On our features roadmap, we will have the ability to push our live engine broadcast into Facebook live and YouTube.  This will allow you to schedule Facebook Live events and use EasyWebinar to both share your screen and you in front of the camera.  


What kind of integrations do you have with CRMs and marketing automation systems?

We have the most robust email integrations of any webinar platform anywhere. The integrations cover all of the top ‚Äėif this then that‚Äô tagging email systems. ¬†Such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, GetDrip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and more. You can learn more about our email integrations by going to http://easywebinar.com/easywebinar-email-crm-api-integrations/


How does customer support work if I have any tech issues or questions?

We are all about our customer service.  We have Intercom live chat both on the front end of the website as well as on the inside of the tool.  If users need help with anything we are right there inside the system chatting with you. 

At any time you can always submit tickets into the helpdesk system and on occasion, the team will get on the phone with you to help troubleshoot more serious technical issues.  We also have a private customer Facebook group where the community as well our our helpdesk staff help to make your webinar experience the best it can be!


Is there a knowledge base and tutorial videos that will help me get my first webinar up and running?

Yes we have an extensive knowledge base.  You can go to http://support.easywebinar.com


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