EasyWebinar Is Winning The Technology War With 2 Major Promises

I’m blown away…

Have you noticed, like I have, how much change has happened this year in the software technology sector?

As an example just take a look at how many AI (artificial intelligence) blog articles have dominated our Facebook news feeds this year. We’ve seen several great companies enter that tech space alone.

Webinar platforms advancements have not been any different. Several webinar platforms have made improvements that weren’t even possible a year or two ago. In addition to seeing new players on the field this year, We’ve made sure that the team at EasyWebinar has been working tirelessly to make continual improvements to our own platform.

There are 2 company promises that set EasyWebinar apart as a webinar technology leader.


The first promise is our dogged commitment to customer service.

I make it a daily effort to log in the help desk so I can not only help our wonderful customers through their difficulties, but I get to read the comments from our team to other conversations.

I love the attitude our team possesses while talking to users. Technology companies like ours have to stay fast on the draw in addition to staying…. well… “human” to survive as a company.

When you communicate with our tech team you could be talking to any level of our company from the top down. Every person who answers our support chat is a power-user of EasyWebinar and they are not just reading from some lame corporate script or passing off rhetorical answers.

I love our Client Experience Team.

A large change we’ve recently made in our support system is to do away with the cold-feeling ticket system and switch over to live chat on each and every page of our sales website and webinar app.

If you’ve already purchased EasyWebinar then you hopefully understand that we consider you family. Families don’t hide behind digital curtains. We offer our customers unbridled access to every member of our team including the development group.

We have Facebook groups and live chat everywhere on our webinar app and sales pages. And when we’re sleeping… yes, we are humans… we have email and even a chat team to cover the other times zones

If you haven’t purchased EasyWebinar yet we treat you as a wonderful guest in our house. If you’re on any page of our website including the check out pages, yes, right up to the last click of the sale you can talk directly to us and get your questions answered.

We take customer service seriously and want you to feel you are speaking to talented people who use and love EasyWebinar. Amazing customer service sets us apart as a webinar leader.


The second promise that sets us ahead of the competition is a commitment to improving the platform continually.

Let me start by saying we have an amazing code development team.

EasyWebinar was certainly not created to be a single version application. Our development team is fully committed to the future of webinars as a product.

We have learned in our marketing efforts and talking to potential and current clients that the concept of webinars is not slowing down. As a matter of fact, it is growing at a steady pace.

Take a look at the screenshot below of Google Alerts when I did a recent search for the growth of “webinar platforms”.

Google Trends for webinar platforms

Almost a decade into using webinars to sell, teach and train and there is no end in sight to the increase.

The men and women that hide behind the code that powers EasyWebinar are never satisfied with the status quo.

There are some total game-changing modifications coming around the corner that will alter the way you and I do webinars.

Let me just list a few improvements we have already implemented in the last couple of days.


Google Translation now lets your pages be translated into most major languages.

We have many international users of EasyWebinar and this one change alone brought us great applause.

Google translator now installed in EasyWebinar

Being able to show your webinar funnel pages in the appropriate language allows you to be more relevant in the markets you serve.


“Add to Calendar” feature was added to our welcome emails.
All welcome emails now have calendar invite attached so attendees can add it to their calendar. No longer do you have to rely on your memory of when the webinar starts, but you can add it to your business calendar and see it in your daily tasks. This one step alone will increase the show-up rate.
new evergreen feature - specific dates and specific times



Specific Dates With Specific Times

This may sound trivial, but this is actually a good scarcity move. Statistically a registrant to your webinar will have difficulty choosing a day when they have too many options.

We have changed all of that for you now.

Your admin panel now gives you the ability to select different event times for different dates with “Selected Days” feature. This will allow you to have morning slots on one day and evening slots on the next. The power of this is great for decision making and giving people the choice to watch at their convenience.
new evergreen feature - specific dates and specific times


The last recent change we just made was the inclusion of HD Cameras

I’m going to assume you have seen a tv ad for computers and tablets recently. Retina screens and super megalithic HD experiences are on just about every new computer.

Who would want to watch a low-resolution webinar when you can match the experience to the viewer by offering HD cameras at a full 1080p resolution.

Most internal cameras are not high resolution, but external video cameras are. Here at EasyWebinar studios, we use the Logitech C920. Not very expensive and it delivers a great high definition 1080p viewing experience.


I started this blog post discussing how fast technology is moving and I can say with all confidence that EasyWebinar is moving with it. Keep an eye on your app for continuous improvements.

If you don’t own EasyWebinar we invite you to see what the future of webinars looks like.

EasyWebinar has a client success team that cares about each and every one of our platform users and a development team that keeps EasyWebinar at the head of the pack.

Welcome to the market leaders in webinar platforms. EasyWebinar

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