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Heyo! Jim here and every so often we get great questions coming in all about EasyWebinar and post about those questions.

 Here are a handful that came in recently through our Intercom interface.

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So without further ado! Here is a batch of great questions and our answers!
Who knows, one of these might be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Great, let’s crank these out.

  • I’m looking for an auto webinar software that allows me to run 2-4 times a week repeatedly. Does yours allow me to moderate questions live or is the email box the only way for live attendees to submit questions. I can see how frustrated it could be if someone live doesn’t get their questions answered. I mostly need this to run demos on our software?

Great question! You can do both.  You can have our question box shown or use any of our third party live chat options or…you can use our live chat, but you’d have to run the event live but play the video as automated.  Which you can do.  That type of webinar could be considered a hybrid webinar, where you can play a video during a live webinar!

One quick suggestion around automated webinars is set up an EXPECTATION during the event. To avoid the frustration that someone can experience by not getting a response from you, let them know that you will be answering common questions at the end, and if their specific question isn’t answered, that you or someone from your team will be sending them a personalized crafted email either during the event or after.  By setting this expectation up in the beginning of your webinar, your viewer has less frustration going in AND they feel compelled to ask more questions which of course allows you to gather more objections that you can use later in your marketing. (You can read an article all about the 5 top things that every automated webinar should have)

  • When I run a live webinar, is that automatically recorded from the get-go, or do I press a record button to start when I want to?

Another zinger! So yes, when you click broadcast, the live session automatically records.  And in fact, that video that was once live now lives in the system to where you can take that live webinar and immediately turn it into an automated webinar.

  • Do you have a video on how to create a webinar to show me how complicated/easy it is to set something up?

Yes! For sure, in our http://support.easywebinar.com there are several videos that will take you through the process of running both live webinars and automated webinars.

  • I tried EverWebinar and I found the setup extremely cumbersome, needing to tweak a bunch of settings in YouTube and setup an ad account, do I have to do that with yours?

This is also a good question.  Ok so with our live integration we also integrate with YouTube live.  However, soon our live stream tech won’t just stream through YouTube, it will be a stand alone platform to where you won’t need to deal with all the biz of YouTube Live.  Although to be honest, our YouTube Live integration gives a lot of options of high quality levels of production using platforms like Wirecast, etc with it.  Wirecast gives you the ability to have multiple cameras that could be nice to use for say demos and live video conferences, etc.

  • How do I create an automated webinar? Do I select a webinar I’ve done in the past and use the same one, set it as an automated webinar?

So with EasyWebinar you DON’T have to go live to then use it for an automated webinar.  You can always start an automated webinar from scratch, and often times, I would suggest it, especially because your live webinars will tend to have a bit more direct response to those attending. Not to mention probably more pauses and maybe larger breaks in between the content.  The point being that a good automated webinar is one that is well edited, that feels fluid, that doesn’t say it’s live when it isn’t and handles common problems and questions on a larger more automated level.
(But yes, one of the kick butt features of EasyWebinar is that you can do a live webinar and then quickly turn around and make it scheduled evergreen in your attendees own timezone with just a couple clicks! Check this article out about it. 

  • I travel a lot and worry about wifi, so I can see myself recording a kickoff webinar for a company and using the automated webinar as the “live” one in the future, is this possible?

Yes, I think you are saying that you’d like to run an automated webinar not necessarily as an EVERGREEN event.  To be clear, an evergreen webinar is one that runs constantly and different for different people tuning in from any part of the world.  But, another cool thing you can do is run a ONE TIME EVENT as an automated webinar…and in your own timezone.  In fact, here is an interesting scenario.  Let’s say you scheduled a live webinar and 20 minutes before you get the stomach flu and just can’t go live. With EasyWebinar you can toggle your event from live to automated, keep the schedule the same, upload your pre-recorded video, and those who’ve already registered won’t skip a beat.  They will come to the webinar time they signed up and your live video will stream in real time with an experience of live.

  • Do you have a free trial so I can play around with the interface?

At the moment we don’t have a free trial available to play with.

  • I tried EverWebinar and I found the interface absolutely horrendous. We deal with a lot of enterprise customers and we need to look good in front of them. I currently use GoToWebinar, their interface is something customers are used to which is the reason I stick with them. Is your webinar interface easy to use? Do you have any screenshots or videos on what the customer sees?

Hi there.  If you go to our website, at http://easywebinar.com you can actually watch a detailed demo video that shows the platform.  Yes, we pride ourselves on our simplicity and well crafted design.  We have had people mention that our layout feels simple, clean and more streamlined.  To be honest, I tend to find GTW interface somewhat clunky compared to ours.

  • Do attendees know how many people are signed on? This is not something I want them to see.

You can decide to let attendees see the attendee list or opt to NOT show it.  It is up to you. Personally, I don’t let them see the other attendees, however when I am running a live webinar, I use our built in live chat to where all attendees can see other attendees messages.

  • Are the recorded videos downloadable if the company wants a copy to host on their own server?

Yes. The live videos are saved inside YouTube. Inside the YouTube back office, you can find the video you want and then click the action to download it.

  • Hi does Easy Webinar integrate with Deadline Funnels for evergreen countdown timers? 

You can use EasyWebinar with Deadline Funnels if you want but our system can act similar to Deadline funnels for your EasyWebinar replay pages.  We have replay pages that will expire on specific dates or based on evergreen webinars.  For evergreen webinars, when using our countdown timers on the replay pages, the pages will expire based on when someone’s webinar was scheduled dynamically and in their own timezone.  You can learn more about them by going to http://easywebinar.com/not-enough-people-seeing-presentations/


  • Can you do a hybrid webinar where you can jump in after it ends to moderate questions? Can you still answer chat questions that come in live? Can I insert a video from Vimeo for a portion of the live webinar?

Hey there! Yes on both fronts.  When using the automated only aspect to EasyWebinar, you can run evergreen automated webinars or one time events as automated webinars. Both can be done as live chat or question box.  Or even use a different third party chat such as Chatwing or Chatroll.

Yes, you can also run what is considered a hybrid webinar.  Where you start live and then play a video inside.  And yes, the video can be a Vimeo, YouTube or Amazon S3 video.


OK! That’s it! 🙂


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