EasyWebinar Email & CRM API Integrations

Holy Email Integrations Batman!

Yep, you heard that right! EasyWebinar has just rolled out a TON of more email integrations so that
when people are added to your webinars they can automatically be added into your favorite autoresponder software/email providers.

Now to be clear, in the past you were able to do this.  However only through copying and pasting the form code (except for Infusionsoft & Ontraport) in and adding into the notification area of EasyWebinar.  Now though, we have just rolled in the ability to do direct API integrations with some of your favorite autoresponders including the more agile ‘If This Than That’ based email systems like Active Campaign and Leadpages Drip.

We have had our advanced email segmenting API’s for both Ontraport and Infusionsoft for some time, but recently we had requests to roll in some of the more popular email systems that have come out in the last couple years.  We’ve tested and frankly love many of these platforms ourselves.  In fact some of the email systems we are adding in actually use EasyWebinar for their webinar funnels…so of course it was a natural fit.

What is Segmentation and How Can It Help My Marketing Message and Make More Money For My Business? 

Great question.

So segmentation is the ability to send a series of emails to a specific audience who takes a specific action.  For instance, in EasyWebinar, we’ve created universal action tags based on what someone would typically do during a webinar.

Such as:

Came to Webinar
Watched The Full Event
Did Not Come to the Webinar
Left Early
Watched Replay
Asked a Question

We also have also specific offer tags as well:

Saw Offer But Didn’t Click
Saw Offer and Clicked

We’ve integrated these specific tags to trigger follow-up emails & campaigns from inside of your favorite email system.  These emails & campaigns can be specifically catered to match the actions a person does in a webinar.  An example of this would be…


Scenario 1:  Someone who registers but didn’t show up    

This registrant was maybe busy and couldn’t come to the webinar.  This is where I’d cater a specific message to him/her mentioning something like this:

Hi there [Firstname], 

Looks like you weren’t able to attend the webinar.  I understand! We all get super busy with life.  I am sure you intended to watch (I mean otherwise why would you register right?) and something got in the way.  Well I have good news for you! You can register for an encore presentation that we’re doing of this same event! Woot! Ready to come into this one?  CLICK HERE.  

See you there! 



Scenario 2: How about someone who came to the webinar but had to leave early or before you made your offer? 

This can happen all the time where they show up but have to leave early.  In this scenario, you can still have the same vibe as the no show focusing on the fact that you understand we are all busy, but instead send them to the replay.

Hi there [Firstname], 

Looks like you had to leave the webinar early.  I understand we all get super busy with life.  I am sure you registered to watch and planned on staying till the end but had maybe other commitments.  No worries.  I get it. Before I knew how to leverage webinars/automated webinars my time was booked solid with client work bogging me down, never having anytime to spend with my family, or to do things like learn a new skill or even…stay to learn something life changing on a webinar.

Well before FOMO kicks in, I have good news for you! The webinar replay is up, but here is the deal, it is only avail for a short period of time.  If you are serious about leveraging webinars to create more freedom in your daily life and more scalability in your business.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE REPLAY!

See you there! 




There are of course more scenarios for segmented follow-up emails after a webinar is over, but let’s stick with those 2 for now.

Remember the tags are triggered based on when EasyWebinar recognizes the action performed by the registrant.  Then the tags are sent to your favorite email tool like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Drip, Active Campaign, Get Response, Etc.

Typically a good rule of thumb is to have those follow-up email campaigns sent several hours after the webinar.  I would say, create in your email follow-up campaign a timer that will wait to send off those follow-ups 5 – 24 hours after the webinar is over.  

Cool right?

If you’re ready to use those email integrations with your webinars, watch the quick video below that covers some of what I discussed and then go over to this link here http://support.easywebinar.com which goes into our Knowledge Desk. Inside the support hub is where you can get specific documentation on how to set up the individual email integrations.

Please note:  Because we’ve just rolled this out, there might be documentation that isn’t fully complete, and this is where we could use your help.  If you’d like to make a video of a specific campaign flow and integration (Such as how to add Drip and then create a follow up campaign with Drip and EasyWebinar), please feel free to do so and send us the video.  We will highlight you and your documentation…PLUS send you a gift if we end up using it! Woo Hoo! [Something like an Amazon Gift Card!]

Ok…That’s it from me! Enjoy this video and reply with a comment! [Plus let us know if you’re thinking to send a video over!]


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Casey Zeman is the Co-Founder of EasyWebinar.

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