EasyWebinar Customer Spotlight: Alanna Kaivalya -YogaDownload.com

A Quick RockStar Shout Out

Heyo! Every now and then we like to shout out some of our EasyWebinar rockstars.  They are people who are using EasyWebinar to leverage more of their time and create more wealth in their business.

I wanted to shout out Alanna Kaivalya.  An EasyWebinar/EliteWebinarMastery RockStars!

(Just as an FYI, EliteWebinarMastery is my Webinar program that teaches webinar mastery from A-Z. For you or your clients!)

Alanna Kaivalya is a Yoga instructor who created ‘YogaDownload’…an Online Yoga Teacher Certification Program that teaches a Yoga method.

Recently she posted about her success with her webinar & EasyWebinar.

Last month she sold 10 $1500 packages. She runs the webinar once a week and guess what…the secret sauce is that it’s an automated webinar! In fact, it was only after 2 months with EasyWebinar that she started to earn 10.5 k a month. It now might even be higher.



So what’s working for her?
Well, a few quick insights.

1. She is using an awesome video on the registration page. Why is this important? Because she is running Facebook ads and finding a new audience. The video is her opportunity to win over people that are brand new to her. (I always suggest finding video somewhere in your funnel. If not from the Facebook ad itself, than from your landing page (or reg page).



2. She also has a video on the thank you page which describes what exactly a registrant will get for registering! This is important to continue to build a rapport with the person who just signed up! (This get’s them ready and excited to show up to the webinar) Interestingly enough Alanna runs her webinars once a week in one timezone.

You see her secret sauce is that she is running this event as an automated webinar. So she is creating recurring revenue monthly without having to be there. Plus, she has this webinar scheduled once a week! This gives her enough time to also build her authority and trust even before the event.(This also helps the show up rate for the webinar)




3. One more thing I would like to point out is that Alanna also has a FREE GIFT on the thank you page that a person can get AFTER they share news of the webinar. This free gift is in the form of a free Yoga Mediation video.

She mentions it on the registration page which also is a good strategy for getting people to sign up. This free gift also brings in viral traffic as well from those who share to unlock the free video. [We’ve noticed in our analysis a 10-15% increase in sign ups using this strategy]




Here is what Alanna had to say about EasyWebinar!

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