EasyWebinar in 2018 [What is Changing and What is Staying the Same]

I was talking to the team the other day about what our 2018 was going to look like.

As we look towards this new year, we also look at our past year and the strides we took to stay competitive, continue to support and improve our tool, and how in 2017, we continued to pave the way as the #1 tool for growing and scaling your business with webinars.

Before I get into the changes that are happening in 2018, I first want to do a quick recap of what we added this last year.

1.  We added the LIVE ENGINE in April! Yep! We added our WEBRTC live engine with no latency streaming to where we could have up to 4 presenters in the room speaking to hundreds online without a delay or issue with video quality.  As someone who loves live video, I was looking to build a live stream tool that was more engaging than just a boring traditional webinar system, while at the same time, we wanted to create a tool that was designed to market your business and moreover scale it.

We pushed the live engine out as a beta…so that we could make it utterly reliable.  And it looks like we are almost there.  If I am being honest with you, my vision for EasyWebinar is to make it a perfect competitor to Zoom or GTW.  And I think we are almost there.  I am a perfectionist so for me, it isn’t quite there yet.  But we are actively working towards that goal.  In 2018, we are going to be doubling more down on our live engine making it faster and smoother than ever before.

2.  Also this year…we did even more with giving our users the ability to quickly take what was once a live webinar and turn it into an evergreen webinar that could be used to market and scale your business.  We added a recordings library to where you could easily push your past recordings straight into an evergreen webinar.

This next year, we are going to be improving this recording library even more and we plan on giving you the ability to push your recordings into a public area that will allow you to market your webinars!

3.  We also added the biggest API email integration of any webinar tool.  Adding in about 5 more email integrations…all with webinar action based triggers. Now we integrate with Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, GetDrip, ActiveCampaign and a few other ones.

In 2018 we are going to be integrating with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Aweber (for tagging) and a few other ones.

4.  We added in date based or evergreen expiring replay pages.  We had so many people looking for ONE tool that had everything needed for a WEBINAR FUNNEL.  The secret to a good webinar funnel is a CTA (Call to Action) that will eventually expire. That is where a replay page that will truly expire comes in handy.

A page that has actual scarcity and not false scarcity.  ALL THE OTHER TOOLS out there don’t have pages that will truly expire in this way.  We have tested everything.  Even a tool like Clickfunnels had timers that were limited to only generic page landing actions…and not specifically tied to a person’s entry point into the webinar funnel or when they registered.  Well, we put our brains together and created replay pages that would expire based on when someone watched a webinar…LIVE or EVERGREEN. That means you can create offers from the replay page that would end based on someone’s unique registration.  Woop! Bottom line, no false scarcity and greater sales even on an evergreen webinar.

Next year we are going to go even deeper into behavior-based actions by creating pre-done segmented follow-up sequence based on actions performed during the webinar.  We have seen thousands of webinars and know what the most important segmentations are. Therefore we are going to already have those rolled into the mix when you come into EasyWebinar! Those emails will be fully editable but already fleshed out for your convenience. Coming soon in 2018!


What is the biggest change for 2018? 

We are going to be simplifying everything.

It has (it is) our mission to consistently make EasyWebinar live up to its name of being an ‘Easy’ tool. EasyWebinar is a powerful tool for sure. Being one of the only tools that can do both live and automated webinars (and in a way that is so customizable and integrate-able) has been one of the reasons why we have seen so many amazing results from our users.

But…there is a problem.

It is not as ‘Easy’ as we want it to be. That is why in Q1 or Q2 we are rolling out something that we have been working on for some time. A new level of intuition and innovation. As you can see below!




That’s right.  EasyWebinar’s user interface is having a facelift.  But even more than that, the entire flow is going to be changing.  Our mission with this.  To make your experience with getting up a live webinar seamless and your desire to have a scalable automated/evergreen webinar faster and less work than ever before.

We are truly working towards living up to our name while at the same time keeping the power under the hood.




Because we are working on this pretty incredible change due to listening to what our users want and need, we have also come up with a pricing scenario that we think is going to serve people in the best way possible.  In fact, starting in 2018, even before this new interface is launched out we are going to be changing our pricing around to answer the call from many of our users.

Our pricing is going to flexible and simple based on your needs.  Maybe you only need to run a live webinar with 50 people…now you can with our new pricing.  Or maybe you want to have both live and automated webinars rolled into one.  Or maybe you know you’ll have up to 200 attendees or 2000 attendees and you want to make sure you are covered.  Well, with our new model and because we are opening up more attendee options on our LIVE ENGINE, you will be able to grow and scale with us no matter where you are at in your business!

Now because we are doing some pretty cool changes that are more flexible and customized…our pricing is going up.

In fact after the pricing change, to get both live and evergreen webinars combined, the price (on the best deal) will be 38% more than our existing yearly price.

Meaning that if you are someone who wants to lock in EasyWebinar as it exists now with unlimited evergreen webinars and attendees along with access to our LIVE ENGINE with 100 live attendees and unlimited attendees using our YouTube live integration, now would be the BEST savings with the most attendees options!  (Yes, you will be able to upgrade from 100 attendees to higher packages for our LIVE ENGINE on the back end after you are a customer!)

After the price change, the menu will be Ala Carte (so to speak).  So to get both live and automated webinars, you will be paying more of a premium.  If you want to lock in the lowest price for the bundle of everything including higher attendee caps, come in now before Jan. 15th!

Also, both our existing packages of the Personal Site License and the
Commercial License will discontinue after January 15th.

As it exists, the Commercial License gives you 5 additional accounts basically when you get it for $577 a year.

This feature with our new pricing will be drastically changing.

In fact, coming in now will lock you into a 70% discount on the commercial license! Whaaaaa!?

Yep! That’s right!

If you have clients, colleagues or friends you can give them their own account with their own unique login and everything.  You become the super admin to where you can log in to all of them.   You can run, edit & charge whatever you want to those you give these accounts.  However there is a catch.  We only limit you to 5 additional accounts along with your own.

We have people using this license to earn revenue from running EasyWebinar webinars for their clients.

To lock in this plan, CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW. [Save 70% till Jan 15th]

Basically, if you’ve been someone interested in EasyWebinar for both live and automated webinars, I would suggest locking in your yearly rate at the absolute best value possible.  If not, no worries, we will see you on our platform when we go with a more ala carte approach!

If you want to learn more…I made a video all about it for you here.

To lock in your account of EasyWebinar, Click Here.

P.S.  Just so you know.  If you are an existing customer of EasyWebinar or if you become a new customer of EasyWebinar before the 15th of January, you will be on the yearly payment schedule that you lock into when you purchase.  Basically, no you won’t be paying for new pricing next year for your rebill, you will be locked into the same pricing you come in at today.

P.P.S  Also another quick note.  The existing pricing includes 100 attendees for the live engine, unlimited attendees using our YouTube Live and unlimited automated webinars.  The new pricing will have the lowest pricing option at 50 attendees, so the best deal is coming in now at 100 attendees.  And yes, there will be upgrade options to go to the 200 attendee limit all the way to 2000 live attendees.

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