How to Easily Set Up A Double Opt-in With Your Autoresponder and EasyWebinar

In this post, you’ll learn exactly how you can set up and integrate your own autoresponder with EasyWebinar. You can use Aweber, Mailchimp, or any other popular autoresponder service you might be using!

What are the different options for integrating EasyWebiar with an Autoresponder?

When integrating your own Autoresponder with EasyWebinar you have 2 options!

One is using the single opt-in process, the other is using the double opt-in process (otherwise know as the click to confirm process)

But which one is better?

Honestly, the best answer is going to be…it depends.

  • It depends on your AR (auto responder)
  • Your AR’s deliver-ability rate
  • And it depends on how many hoops you want to send your registrants through

However, with those elements being said, the double opt-in (or click to confirm) method of getting people on your list can definitely help your deliver-ability of your emails.

And at the end of the day, the better the accessibility into your subscribers inbox, the better your overall business as a whole.
So, in this video I’m going to show you the BEST strategy for minimizing unnecessary hoops your registrants will have to go through,  but..

You’ll still get them to come through the double opt in process!

EasyWebinar was built to facilitate both options with ease.

This strategy is going to show you how to set up an automated FUNNEL + Double Opt process:


So let me ask you…How do you have your AR system set up now to opt in leads?


Are you using Double Opt-in’s or are you using the single opt-in process? Let me know below! Also, are you currently using an Autoresponder to opt-in leads?


Resources from the auto responder video

Also, are you currently using an autoresponder to opt-in leads? If not, you should definitely check out AWEBER.

(Please note: I use this and infusionsoft, but if you are just starting out or just want to keep things simple, Aweber is great!)

In the video above I also mention about Leadpages.

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