Case Study: Jason Caruso’s 12k+ Journey with EasyWebinar. The Good, Bad and Ugly…

You are my hero.


The reason I say that is because, anyone who can support a family, have a full time job, and still work towards their dreams no matter what the odds, shows such resilience, determination and courage, that they deserve a medal of honor, or become the next President of some awesome Country!


…I think you’ll find it super useful.
(Please Note: You can totally listen to this from your car…Enjoy)



Of course, what also comes with juggling like this is an abundant fear, anxiety and frustration.  (Of course it does…we’re only human.)


Doubt plays a big picture now and then as we strive towards our dreams.
Risk becomes a balancing act.  Especially for those with vision.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be, trust your instincts because more often than not they’re accurate!


Does this sound like you? Are you wearing several different hats that both excite and terrify you with what tomorrow might bring?

This is ultimately a story of instinct vs. the ‘norm’.


In this video, EasyWebinar customer Jason Caruso and I share OUR STORY.  Please be warned…this is not a ‘butterflies and hugs’ story (However we do look at some pretty tasty looking desserts that in simply creating this post, I’m now craving!).


This is a real story, from a real entrepreneur. This is how our story starts:  Jason refunded EasyWebinar…only after he made 12k using our system (with an automated webinar).  


1 week later he wrote to me and came back to EasyWebinar (after testing other software and tech support).


Through the process of refunding, I never canceled his account…and he continued to make money from it…


That’s why we created the video.  To share this story.  We felt (really Jason made me understand this), that his experience probably rang true for so many.


FYI:  Jason is an Entrepreneur (with a full time job and family) who has created a VERY SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel with over 110k subscribers, getting a million video views a month and has filtered that traffic into a very active email list of more than 26k.


Jason and his business partner started this particular business only 14 months ago, and are already pulling in a comfortable 5 figures a month from it.


Please enjoy this CONVERSATION…where we talk about:

    • Youtube optimization
    • Webinar Conversion strategies
    • Automated Webinars for busy entrepreneurs (Leveraging Your Time)
    • Data tracking POWER
    • And the common fears, doubt, and true GROWING PAINS that come with becoming your boss. (Making Decisions on your own, relying on what you hear, and finding the right help)


If you want to take a look at Jason’s YouTube Channel, check it out below:

Woodland Bakery’s YouTube Channel-
Woodland Bakery’s Blog –



So let me ask you.  Is your life a balancing act between family, your business and say a full time or part time job?  Let us know in the comment box below.

As always, if you have a friend or colleague that you feel can relate to this video, please share!

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