3 Reasons Why Your Webinars Are Not Selling

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There are 3 reasons why your webinars are not selling –

1- The Wrong Content

This is especially true with cold traffic who don’t know you.

Don’t over teach a step by step process – at the end people are – thanks for all the information I really don’t need to look at anything else.

The correct type of content is ‘teaching away objections’

We need to have an understanding of the ideal customer who is attending. What are the objections they will have to the teaching and the offer?

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A webinar is a bridge – take them from point a to point b. your job to a new audience is not to teach teach teach but to remove the obstacles that hinder them from walking across that bridge.

Be strategic in your teaching and not just throw up a lot of content.

“Of all the webinars I’ve evaluated both my own and my clients. There is a theme running through the ones that don’t convert well. There are 3 reason your webinars are not selling.” – Jon Schumacher

2 – The Wrong Offer

During the bridge you need to transition to the offer. You are now at point A – but you will want to get to point B

You can take 2 paths – the long path on your own or the short path with a guide

The wrong offer is listing features, but no benefits.

What is this?
Is this for me?
Why is this different?
What if I don’t like this?

Features must be strongly tied to benefits and questions.

Remove objections in the content – Answer buying question in the offer.

What is this?
Is this for me?
Why is this different?
What if I don’t like this?

3 – The Wrong Followup

50-80% of sales come after the webinar is over. The webinar is only the first point of visibility. It’s a mini launch.

Remove objections with case studies. Send 10-12 emails and get their question and objections handled.

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