3 Great Webinar Conversion Strategies From Chris Farrell

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Automated webinars are the best way to sell your products, course or services. An automated webinar allows you to have the freedom to have an automated sales “funnel” while working on what engages you most.

Chris uses automated webinars in his business and the EasyWebinar software.

“EasyWebinar is by far the easiest one, to execute, deploy to do things quickly and get results fast”

Webinars allow you to leverage your time and expertise – Chris Farrell

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An automated webinar is an automated funnel. if you can spend the time doing the lead generation into that funnel every day it will sell itself.

Webinar Tip #1 – Keep the webcam on the entire time during the webinar. Put your image video in the lower corner. This allows people to see the human side of your brand and will increase your “time-on-webinar” by 30%.

When you can see the presenter it makes the viewing much more compelling and engaging. Seeing somebody helps you remain engaged with the instructor. It increases the believability factor.

People buy into people. We all buy into people. You get naturally excited about things you talk about. It comes across in your tonality and your body language. it helps engagement.

“I look at my stats in EasyWebinar of how long somebody stayed in the webinar. Most people are 90-100%. Before using this technique it was dropping off at 50-60%. By having an on-screen presence it keeps your viewers engages and they stay longer.

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Webinar Tip #2 – After the webinar is over you send a 15 minute condensed version “highlights” of the replay 24 hours later. You need to create a new webinar event with the condense version. Use the live page from EasyWebinar and put that link in the email to follow after the webinar is over.

This is about respecting the time of the person who didn’t have a spot in their schedule to watch the full webinar and give them the condensed version.

Webinar Tip #3 – Give intermission and break time (even on automated webinars) if it is longer than one hour. 5 minute clock to give your viewers a bathroom break.

It takes a little heavy lifting at first to create the webinar and promote your product. It doesn’t have to be your own product, it can be an affiliate product. You need to create a list as well of people that will convert. Once that is done EW does the work for you.

The best products besides your own are either ones you use yourself or ones you know the product creator of personally.

Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to a free piece of content which has a retargeting pixel on the page. They start to know like and trust you. Conversions on the webinar will be much higher because of the initial connection.

Bonus –

The Great Chris Farrell Webinar Funnel –

#1 – Create a great content rich blog post
#2 – Advertise on Facebook leading to the post
#3 – Pixel the blog audience
#4 – Retarget the blog audience with a webinar link
#5 – Lead them to the registration page

Webinar strategy – Show the what
Product strategy – Show the how

** Watch Chris’s full version video PLUS 14 other experts – Join Now! 

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